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As promised, we’re doing our best to work with Apple’s App Review Board to get Race for the App approved. We’ve gotten absolutely no feedback from them yet, but we have already made a first stab at a compromise solution.

Instead of giving promo codes to race winners, it seems like it should be OK to just give them out to the public, as so many other sites do. To that end, we’ve created this Sponsors List, which just publishes the promo code after the race ends. It is a less than ideal incentive for competition, but we hope it is a way to keep the spirit of Race for the App alive without ruffling too many feathers.

Even this might not be allowed, though. Stay tuned for further updates. In the mean time, you can at least see if Apple is burning through the races you signed up to sponsor . . . nearly two months ago . . .


Remember how we’ve been waiting for Apple to approve Race for the App for over a month? We’ve finally got a resolution, but it was not a good one: Rejected. After a long talk with an Apple rep, though, it isn’t wholly a lost cause. The two main objections seem easy to address with very few changes to the app (making us wonder what took so long). We may even be able to make the changes on the server and use the same binary!

For all the developer’s who have submitted promo codes only to have them expire, we apologize. Rest assured, though, your sponsorship of races will still carry forward with our new plans. Hopefully that will drive sales for you, like we intended from the start. Stay tuned for progress reports on the app, and look for changes to the web site even sooner. Thanks!

Time is getting shorter and we’re still stuck In Review on Race for the App. Our options are limited at this point, but we plan to try them all before the end of Wednesday.

If you’re a developer, especially if you’ve already submitted promo codes that are expiring soon, you might be able to help. If you really want to see this released before the holiday shutdown of iTunes Connect, please contact Apple via your account and ask them to attend to Race for the App before it is too late. Thanks for sticking with us . . . for as long as this takes!

Today Apple sent us the dreaded “the review process will require additional time” email. This has happened with every new app we have submitted. We didn’t think it’d be a problem this time around, because Race for the App is just a variation on a theme. It seems like every little thing we do challenges the App Store in some way.

Regardless, this “additional time” has involved significant delays in the past. Upwards of 2 months, which is not going to be acceptable. We really do want this available to developers while iTunes Connect shuts down at the end of this month. So we’re going to be proactive about the delays this time. We’re going to bug the hell out of them over the next week; you might want to do the same if you really like the Race for the App concept.

We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

If you have bothered to check the Race for the Money site in the last week, you noticed that we started making changes in anticipation of the new release we hinted at here. You can read all the details there, but the short version is that we are splitting off a second version called Race for the App that will be free and, as a bonus, allow race sponsors to give away a free copy of their own iOS apps!

What we have for you here, especially the developers who have submitted promocodes, is news that the status has finally reached In Review. We have high hopes that the process will be swift and successful, since this is a fairly straightforward update of Race for the Money. We’ll let you know as things progress, but it’s set to go live immediately upon approval, so you might see it in the App Store even before you read it here! Thanks for your continued support.

It is done!

We have now indeed penalized all idle Race for the Money accounts. Some people lost upwards of $6 (amounting to the sum total credits for weeks 1, 2, and 3), but that’s what happens when you snooze. And if by some chance we mistakenly removed money from someone who has been playing a lot, let us know and we’ll credit it back.

The flip side of that dark cloud is that active accounts are worth much more, relatively speaking. Roughly 50% more, based on the total economic value of the system! I don’t know where else you might have gone shopping today or what else you might have bought, but I doubt you got a better deal than that!

You’re welcome.

As promised in our last post, the release of iOS 4.2 means we’re about to ding the accounts of idle users.

But we’re not monsters. We gave you fair notice, and we’ll give you a little more.

Since the Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, we’ll give you a chance to get fat on turkey and show Race for the Money to the family. But if you haven’t done anything by the time you get back from shopping the next day, your account will show it!

Good news, everyone!

For whatever reason (wink, wink), some people have not been playing Race for the Money nearly as much as we would expect from a paying customer. This means that we have, in previous weeks, credited large sums of money to accounts that haven’t been used.

Given that we have plans to put a very interesting twist on Race for the Money corresponding with the upcoming release of iOS 4.2, it would be wise to take that idle money back out of this system.

So here is your fair warning: You have until whatever the release date of iOS 4.2 is to simply play a game. If you don’t, your account balance will be reduced to $1. If you have won or lost in the past, you’re safe. Heck, you’re even safe if you’ve played since we started giving a $.10 daily credit! But if you haven’t played in a while, you’re in trouble.

So get to playing, and get to winning! Or losing! Whatever the case, you’ll be a lot better off once you see what we have in store for iOS 4.2! And if you win, you’ll be that much more prepared, so do try to keep your balance high.

The 1.1.0 version of Race for the Money finally worked its way through the review process. Enjoy these great new features:

  • Adds support for symbols other that $ to represent your fiat money. Let us know if you’d like to see others!
  • Added support for race values higher than $1. Are you ready to become a high roller?
  • Launching the app now takes you to the last race you were in.
  • Improved the performance of the History tab when dealing with a large number of races.
  • Fixed *many* display issues in showing the status of a race.
  • Other minor interface tweaks.

Player Appreciation Bonus: Triple Treat!

Race for the Money

To celebrate our third week in the App Store, we’re crediting all of our early adopters with another $3 to play with in-game! Also, all new accounts receive a $3 balance to start with! How can we do it? Witness the Paradox of Enrichment in action!