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This blog is no longer being updated. Please visit us directly at Subsume Technologies to see all the great things we’re doing. For new releases, you might want to jump straight to our Recent News.


Been a while since we had a new release to announce, so I guess I’ll just cover all the updates in one post! We were forced by iOS 5 to make minor bug fixes to our existing apps, which have all been rolling out over the last couple weeks. It started with calendaRSS, and in the last few days both Race for the Money and Race for the App finally got approved.

I’m sure this only qualifies as news to people who haven’t launched the App Store recently . . .

We’ve always been big fans of time. Since the beginning of the Universe, at least, and maybe even earlier than that. So it should come as no surprise that we’ve dusted off a bit of history and polished it up to be calendaRSS, a new Atom/RSS feed reader for iOS. It takes website news feeds, including the feed for this very site, and renders them in a timeline suitable for the Calendar app to display.

It makes it really easy to keep up to date on online happenings without having to deal without a lot of fuss. Or even real-world happenings. True story: I found out Osama bin Laden was dead early yesterday morning when I took a look at Calendar as I got up and, BAM, there was the headline right there waiting for me. It’s a neat little trick, and well worth the meager buck we priced it at.

We’re also considering what other things we can calendar-ize. Have any suggestions?

We neglected to mention it here, but a couple days ago Apple approved Race for the App 1.1.0, and you can find it in the App Store. Sorry if you missed the race for some pretty sweet sponsors as a result. But keep playing every day and you’re likely to find many other top-tier app races, along with discovering a lot of other new apps you weren’t aware of before. Have fun!

Just as reflected in the icon’s own victory, Race for the App has finally been approved! Far from being at the finish line, though, we realize the real work has only just begun. Players need to start playing and sponsors need to start sponsoring, so get the word out today!

Something else to note regarding the free accounts for players: currently they’re starting at a balance of 110 “app points” (aka, Ⓐ1.10). Starting in February, though, that will drop to 10 app points, which matches the 10 app points they can earn by playing daily. Just another incentive to become an early adopter, and tell your friends to become one, too!

The 1.1.0 version of Race for the Money finally worked its way through the review process. Enjoy these great new features:

  • Adds support for symbols other that $ to represent your fiat money. Let us know if you’d like to see others!
  • Added support for race values higher than $1. Are you ready to become a high roller?
  • Launching the app now takes you to the last race you were in.
  • Improved the performance of the History tab when dealing with a large number of races.
  • Fixed *many* display issues in showing the status of a race.
  • Other minor interface tweaks.

As much fun as we had dipping our toes in the water “way back when” in putting out a mobile web app, and as much fun as we have doing development that brings other people’s visions to life, today we can finally say we put something in the Apple App Store under our own name:

Race for the Money

Our experience with Objective-C pre-dates the iPhone and even Mac OS X, but only recently did we settle on something we decided was a good enough idea to endure the submission process and charge money for it.

It’s just a buck. Give it a go and tell us what you think!

The second beta of Subsume is now available.  It mainly enhances the widget experience.  Separate work is being done on the server side to allow more than 2 player games, but it’s not yet ready.  The plan is start rolling those features out on the web site itself, making it work (sans game elements) sort of like a social networking site with a spatial component.

Also, an order for an XO laptop was put in on the first day of the offer.  We have been notified to expect shipment before the end of the year, so further updates to the game interface itself will wait for and target compatibility on that.  If there are any teachers out there who would like to collaborate on a lesson plan that relates to any aspect of Subsume in an educational setting, please contact us!  Otherwise, we would very much like to hear anyone on how we can further improve the game.

We finally stopped sitting on it and shoved the widget out the door. Just stop by the Subsume game site and see for yourself. It was written in such a way that the same files can be used as both the web app and the widget. I’m not sure if we can keep up that policy, but I’m going to do everything I can to avoid a lot of back porting or forking for multiple versions.

I was sorely tempted to add a lot of new features and/or make the widget extra pretty, but it is still a beta and right now I want to make sure the fundamentals are there before it gets fancy. Other than getting everything to work with Dashboard, the only other visible change is to use the player unit to progress through phases instead of the red circled x. It’s a much larger target, and allows for some feedback like a progress bar. I also added an FAQ to the documentation, so now is the time to pipe up if anything about the game is confusing you!

After getting sidetracked on higher priority items, I’m finally getting the Subsume beta out there for everyone to try. Network support at this point amounts to being able to play a 2 player game with the standard rule set. If you didn’t have someone nearby and eager to play for as long as you kept the window open, now you can find someone around the world (or maybe just two cubes over!) to play with and we’ll keep the game state on our servers. The only caveat is that if nobody makes a move in over a day we’ll delete the game, so no slacking off over the weekend!

If you don’t know anyone who is a big board gamer, feel free to start a game and post the name here for a pickup match. I’ll even get the ball rolling with “fcfs” (as in first-come-first-served), and I’m most likely to be actively playing 12-02 UTC. A day after the first game is over it will also expire, of course, so there is no guarantee that if you use it in the future it will still be me! Keep in mind that it might also take a while for someone to find your new game, so play it like the casual game it’s intended to be and don’t constantly stare at the window waiting for it to ding when it’s your turn.

Next on the agenda is probably the Dashboard widget. It’s fairly obvious that something designed to work on the iPhone would also work better as a widget than a web page. I think having a widget will also reinforce the casual nature of the game. Until then, unless I find something interesting to write about, enjoy!