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Category Archives: Money

This blog is no longer being updated. Please visit us directly at Subsume Technologies to see all the great things we’re doing. For new releases, you might want to jump straight to our Recent News.


If you have bothered to check the Race for the Money site in the last week, you noticed that we started making changes in anticipation of the new release we hinted at here. You can read all the details there, but the short version is that we are splitting off a second version called Race for the App that will be free and, as a bonus, allow race sponsors to give away a free copy of their own iOS apps!

What we have for you here, especially the developers who have submitted promocodes, is news that the status has finally reached In Review. We have high hopes that the process will be swift and successful, since this is a fairly straightforward update of Race for the Money. We’ll let you know as things progress, but it’s set to go live immediately upon approval, so you might see it in the App Store even before you read it here! Thanks for your continued support.