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When giving you calendars for feeds with calendaRSS, the text we put in the notes was fairly readable. Still, it was not ideal for feeds that include a large amount of HTML in their news items. We’ve batted around a few ideas to improve that, and settled on Markdown.

Markdown is most commonly used to easily write text that can then be converted to basic HTML. We’re actually doing the reverse: taking the HTML in feeds and “down-casting” it to text. I doubt we’re the first to do this, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be done much by anyone else. It’s not perfect, especially when the HTML is complex (and we do still remove images completely), but it does make for a more readable entry in Calendar.

As a bonus, of course, there are many ways to take the Markdown text and turn it back into HTML. That means we can more readily make a future version of calendaRSS that still downloads feeds in the background, but also will display them nice and pretty in a WebView. We really hope the level of sales pick up so we can add all the features we have planned.


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