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We’ve read some of our reviews and boy are we . . . amused! Some people are actually giving Race for the App one star just because we don’t start them with more app points than everyone else! And it is true that starting with Ⓐ1.10 might not get you in to every race, but that’s why you need to keep playing, not stop playing! It’s the smart players who win the Ⓐ5.00 races, because they kept playing daily to earn their Ⓐ0.10 of interest, and maybe won a few races “in the money” to increase their balance even more.

Thinking about our decision to reduce the starting balance to Ⓐ0.10 starting in February, though, we have decided not to do that. There is just too much money already in the system to make that viable. Given that even Ⓐ1.10 has people throwing fits, we might even consider “cost of living” increases in the future. Whatever that might be, it will still be less than the roughly Ⓐ3.00 that can be earned in interest every month. In short, there will always be some advantage for being an early adopter, so be happy you found Race for the App early and be sure to tell your friends!

We do agree that the Fund Account button should actually do something, though. While you can’t pay for more app points like you can for more money in Race for the Money, it should at least pop a dialog. Or perhaps you have some other idea for a cross promotion that gives users app points? For example, we could reward some app points if users visit your web site or install your app. Let us know if you’d like to arrange something like that.

So what are we angry about? Birds, of course! As promised, as an added incentive, we have started seeding the sponsors with apps that are already popular. We experimented last week with Infection Zone, a very nice board game we found while testing Race for the App. This week, we’ve went straight to the top of the games list and added Angry Birds. It’ll pop up sooner or later as a featured sponsor, so be sure to look for it in the game! Play it smart, and that promo code (technically a gift code, since it came out of own pockets), is yours. But it doesn’t always have to be games! What’s your suggestion for the next “impossible” sponsor?


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