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Good news, everyone!

For whatever reason (wink, wink), some people have not been playing Race for the Money nearly as much as we would expect from a paying customer. This means that we have, in previous weeks, credited large sums of money to accounts that haven’t been used.

Given that we have plans to put a very interesting twist on Race for the Money corresponding with the upcoming release of iOS 4.2, it would be wise to take that idle money back out of this system.

So here is your fair warning: You have until whatever the release date of iOS 4.2 is to simply play a game. If you don’t, your account balance will be reduced to $1. If you have won or lost in the past, you’re safe. Heck, you’re even safe if you’ve played since we started giving a $.10 daily credit! But if you haven’t played in a while, you’re in trouble.

So get to playing, and get to winning! Or losing! Whatever the case, you’ll be a lot better off once you see what we have in store for iOS 4.2! And if you win, you’ll be that much more prepared, so do try to keep your balance high.


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