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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Back in a post discussing a site update over a year ago, I noted how the work on Subsume had become very much like the work of a social networking site. That observation has finally become a reality, albeit in the beta stages, with the recent release of:

Town Square

and, in particular, a reworked version of the Subsume site at:

game Town Square

The update is an alpha version placed on top of only the beta version of Town Square, so it doesn’t look quite right just yet, but we plan to tweak it all over the next few days and weeks until it works as a suitable replacement for the main Subsume site.

Work will also progress on Town Square until eventually the full game mechanic of Subsume is a seamless part of the experience. It is even possible that other board game mechanics will be supported by the Town Square engine.

It may also come to pass that this blog will be folded in with Town Square, but let’s not bite off that much just yet. For now, we’ll just play around with what the “spatial web” can offer. We hope you’ll stop by and play around a bit yourself, and then let us know what you think.