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Monthly Archives: November 2007

The second beta of Subsume is now available.  It mainly enhances the widget experience.  Separate work is being done on the server side to allow more than 2 player games, but it’s not yet ready.  The plan is start rolling those features out on the web site itself, making it work (sans game elements) sort of like a social networking site with a spatial component.

Also, an order for an XO laptop was put in on the first day of the offer.  We have been notified to expect shipment before the end of the year, so further updates to the game interface itself will wait for and target compatibility on that.  If there are any teachers out there who would like to collaborate on a lesson plan that relates to any aspect of Subsume in an educational setting, please contact us!  Otherwise, we would very much like to hear anyone on how we can further improve the game.