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Monthly Archives: September 2007

We finally stopped sitting on it and shoved the widget out the door. Just stop by the Subsume game site and see for yourself. It was written in such a way that the same files can be used as both the web app and the widget. I’m not sure if we can keep up that policy, but I’m going to do everything I can to avoid a lot of back porting or forking for multiple versions.

I was sorely tempted to add a lot of new features and/or make the widget extra pretty, but it is still a beta and right now I want to make sure the fundamentals are there before it gets fancy. Other than getting everything to work with Dashboard, the only other visible change is to use the player unit to progress through phases instead of the red circled x. It’s a much larger target, and allows for some feedback like a progress bar. I also added an FAQ to the documentation, so now is the time to pipe up if anything about the game is confusing you!