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After getting sidetracked on higher priority items, I’m finally getting the Subsume beta out there for everyone to try. Network support at this point amounts to being able to play a 2 player game with the standard rule set. If you didn’t have someone nearby and eager to play for as long as you kept the window open, now you can find someone around the world (or maybe just two cubes over!) to play with and we’ll keep the game state on our servers. The only caveat is that if nobody makes a move in over a day we’ll delete the game, so no slacking off over the weekend!

If you don’t know anyone who is a big board gamer, feel free to start a game and post the name here for a pickup match. I’ll even get the ball rolling with “fcfs” (as in first-come-first-served), and I’m most likely to be actively playing 12-02 UTC. A day after the first game is over it will also expire, of course, so there is no guarantee that if you use it in the future it will still be me! Keep in mind that it might also take a while for someone to find your new game, so play it like the casual game it’s intended to be and don’t constantly stare at the window waiting for it to ding when it’s your turn.

Next on the agenda is probably the Dashboard widget. It’s fairly obvious that something designed to work on the iPhone would also work better as a widget than a web page. I think having a widget will also reinforce the casual nature of the game. Until then, unless I find something interesting to write about, enjoy!


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