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No, you didn’t miss it; we failed to get the beta with network support out in time for the iPhone launch weekend. I wish I could say it was because we got one and spent too much time playing with it, but in truth we just hit some snags along the way. I’m going to pretend it was a good thing for the schedule to slip, because it seems like a lot of stuff got overwhelmed by the iPhone release alone. Even now we’re just starting to see scattered reports, just like we expected, of some Web 2.0 techniques not quite working on the iPhone.

We’re not going to let any of this get us down, though, and we’ll keep plugging along. The beta will still be coming as soon as we get some server-side kinks worked out, and what happens after that is anybody’s guess. I’d really like to see Apple actually release some kind of SDK, despite Jobs’ claim one wasn’t necessary, that allowed developers to better target the iPhone. It is quite possible that they’ll roll something in to Dashcode for that. All I can say is that it appears the launch went well enough that the iPhone isn’t a dud, and that the EDGE network appears slow enough that a game like Subsume will fulfill its design goal.


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