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It was back at the start of April when we wrote about how the iPhone was going to be open to developers whether Apple wanted it or not. In the WWDC keynote (jump to the 1:14:00 mark if you don’t want to see all the Leopard goodies), Steve Jobs publicly acknowledged that the way to the iPhone was through the web. This isn’t the first time Apple has seemingly run with an idea of ours, but we inexplicably continue to chalk it up to coincidence.

As demoed, it was a little lackluster because it appeared to present the apps as regular web pages. The problem being, as anyone who has checked out our alpha release knows, we really want to be able to take advantage of the entire screen if possible. Having a total of 320×480 to work with is cramped enough, but it is both developer and user unfriendly to further block off big chunks for the address bar at the top and the navigation bar at the bottom, both of which aren’t necessary for the app interface. We can do a little squeezing, but there is a limit on how small we want to make a target and it goes without saying that the capture of clicks for scrolling and zooming is not welcome when playing a game.

Still, it’s good to know we won’t be completely shut out as we move forward. There’s a lot of work to do here and not many resources to do it. Exactly what parts of Subsume we will have ready by June 29th still depends in no small measure to feedback we receive. The roadmap right now calls for at least networking two players and a widget interface. Let us know what more you’d like to see by then.


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