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Anyone who wondered what a game called Subsume might end up being didn’t need to look much farther than the Subsume Technologies trademark or the resulting screen saver. The deep mathematical roots of the initial design pay off once again by leading directly to this game.

Yes, it’s a very rough cut at this point, but the foundations are there to turn this into the first Massively Multiplayer Online Board Game. As such, it will be able to go places that a regular MMOG can’t. It is non-violent, so your kids can play it. It exercises the mind, so your parents can play it. It doesn’t require constant attention, so you can play it at work! I could go into all the ways we’ve planned to grow Subsume, but that is really best left to be part of the upcoming documentation.

No, the purpose of this site is for me to hear what you like and, most importantly, don’t like about Subsume. I really don’t expect a lot of feedback in these pre-iPhone alpha stages, so I will be extra appreciative about any that I get. Feel free to use this as a starting point for any comments you have on Subsume and I’ll either reply as fast as I can, or start a new topic to address any big issues. Thanks for your interest!


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